Membership Information and Dues:

Although, most club members have children enrolled in at St. Charles whom are participating in the athletics, we do appreciate those who have remained involved thereafter. Some enjoy the camaraderie with other parents and helping children further themselves in sports as well as with their self-esteem.

$20 per member annual dues and you get a t-shirt. Checks should be made payable to St. Charles Athletic Club.

Attendance Stewardship Requirement for Members:

The club is only as strong as the support it receives from it’s members. Although there are no formal guidelines, we hope that you find being part of the group fulfilling as well as participation rewarding . It meets you requirements for stewardship as a parishioner.

If you are a parent and need more information, please contact Matt Pecchia or Kris Williams:

Matt Pecchia, President – – 330.651.6377
Kris Williams, Treasurer – – 330.519.4333